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Payout 0.53% daily
PRIZM cryptocurrency paramining
How does it work?
PRIZM coins are increased due to the technology called paramining of cryptocurrency PRIZM (PZM).

The percentage of earnings in prizm depends on two factors – the number of coins in a personal wallet and on the balances of your downline eighty-eight levels deep.

When joining spacebot this technology is transparently implemented due to the even distribution of coins in the martix, so each member receives a highest return due to paramining. The percentage of coins that is produced per day depends on the quantity of coins that is stacked on a personal balance.

Key features of PRIZM

PRIZM is a 100% Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT core, built in the open source Java language. The system used by PRIZM considers each "coin" on the wallet balance to be a diminutive mining farm.
On average it takes 59 seconds for blockchain block to generate and it does not depend on the number of transactions.
Unique technology. A three-factor source for increasing the number of coins in your wallet.
Proof of Stake
The use of modern eco-crypto technologies POS, instead of the time-consuming and energy intensive POW systems.
Open source
Open source allows any developer to implement Prizm in their project.

What is a Space Bot?

Spacebot is a transparent and effective tool to increase the percentage of paramining and to accumulate cryptocurrency PRIZM.

You can get up to 15.9% paramining per month on your coins, regardless of your location. All you need is a mobile phone.

Coins mined by paramining are distributed daily and are available for withdrawal from your balance.
Earn money online by 15% in the month of Space Bot
How to Start?
Follow the simple registration procedure and start the paramining process in Space Bot
Registration in Space Bot
Install Telegram on your smartphone.
Register on the Bit Team exchanger and buy coins
Simple and fast. How to do this, see the video below.
Send PRIZM to wallet in Space Bot
Transfer purchased PRIZM from BIT.TEAM to @REWARDSPACEBOT
Send PRIZM to paramining
Click on @REWARDSPACEBOT "Deposit for Paramining"
In a day, daily accrual will begin.
How to buy PRIZM on BitTeam
How to put on paramining Space Bot

Advantages of Space Bot

Payment of paramined coins occurs daily;
PRIZM coins can be withdrawn at any time;
PRIZM coins can be easily bought and sold at the market price on the bittim affiliate platform;
Attractive referral program up to nine levels deep starting from six percent from the first line;
Easy and convenient to use;
Additional bonuses and opportunities for active project members.
Charging policy coins in Space Bot
@REWARDSPACEBOT brings a daily paramining income of 0.53% and transfers it to your e-wallet every day.

When you first deposit funds, every day your percentage of the growth of the cryptocurrency is charged, about which you will be notified by message.

Coins can be withdrawn to the wallet or again deposited for paramining.

If you want to increase your income - do not withdraw coins, but reinvest them.

We make good money and we have a good rest!

The official opening of Space Bot in Moscow
Summing up the year 2019 and presentation of new Bitteam products in Yekaterinburg
Let's go!
Join the Space Bot team, earn money, achieve your goals, get bonuses for the development of the structure. I'm in telegram @tvk7707
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